Tuesday, December 23, 2008


As a child, I -- and my brother and sisters and most of our friends -- loved magic. After watching Peter Pan we wanted to fly. All it took was believing, a little bit of pixie dust by way of our Mother's gold crafting glitter and our back yard swing set. We would sprinkle the gold glitter over each other's heads proceed to the swing and go as high as the chains would allow then jump. At the highest arch we’d stretch into the magic of believing with all our heart and hoped it would send us sailing into the sky sneaking away from the implacable enemy of gravity.

Haven't you had those times in life? Where you imagined stretching your arms out to the very limit and flying perfectly, magically through the air and clouds, threading your way with perfect skill between tree trunks, dipping through avenues of snow-white cherry trees and down, down, down into giddy valleys of wild blue flowers? Or magically galloping on the chestnut back of a horse that doesn’t need to be guided and never grows tired rushing on and on, never missing his footing.

It seems almost impossible to find plain untrammeled magical delight these days. I have to admit I have been missing tumbling into unleashed pure delight myself. So, when we booked Daryl the Magician’s Magician of course I was freely delighted about his coming. Because I was able to jump back to a time when magic was not to far from reality and lots of things where absolutely hard to believe I had just saw with my own eyes!

Imagine a man handling cards with a gentle grace, coaxing such startling effects from them that even the most experienced will be flummoxed. Daryl's magic is more casual than of course my daring jump off my childhood swing set; however, his nimble-fingered sleight-of-hand will leave you enchanted.

He deftly maneuver's the cards with elegant fingers, improvising with them the way a jazz musician might with his saxophone, beginning an effect without knowing exactly where he was going to take it. I'm not even kidding.

We have a few spaces left for The Magic of New Year’s Eve at the Conservatory. Come and join us in something most exhilarating and where we can enter into 2009 with a sense of awe and bliss.

Call Jan to reserve your spot today at 916-652-2064

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